The Inspiration Behind This Website

As a child I had difficulty with reading and comprehension; however, in grade four I was fortunate enough to have a teacher that would change my life. 

Mrs. (Irene) Lewis recognized that I was struggling and ensured that I received the extra help I needed. That year I received an A in reading and writing, going on to read the entire Nancy Drew Mystery Series (books 1-75) in less than a month that summer...and so began my love of reading and thirst for knowledge.

Since then I have become what Forbes describes as a "sponge" (1). Defined as "someone who is tirelessly driven to seek and absorb new information. In general terms, this means someone who is highly curious, possibly even somewhat obsessive, about gathering data and learning from it." 

Now this doesn't refer to someone who simply stays up to date with latest technology and loves to find articles to share via social media. Rather, a sponge does three things: 

 1. Learns from mentors, advisers and peers. Sponges always surround themselves with people who can help them. They build and tap strong advisory networks. And for everyone they encounter, they ask questions, listen, and learn new things. 

2. Studies heroes. A great sponge will typically have one or two individuals he or she considers heroes and will soak up everything possible about that person. 

3. Reads voraciously. Sponges tend to want to take in as much information as possible. I’m not talking about staying up to speed on 140-character Twitter blasts but rather consuming fully-developed content. And it doesn’t need to be about business. Sponges may devour fantasy or fiction. They may read instruction manuals front to back. It doesn’t matter. They feed on as much information as they can absorb.


That just about brings us up to date...I love information, I love knowledge, and up until now I've always just joked about the amount of "useless" information I've absorbed over the last 30 years. This website is my way of sharing a collective of information, knowledge and resources that I've found useful in my own life over the years.

My hope is that there is something here that you may find useful, something that may help you find balance and a sense of calm in your own life.



(And despite all contrary belief, I was not trying to "coordinate" with Mrs. Lewis on picture

Shannon Gibbons - bottom row, left

Shannon Gibbons - bottom row, left


The Intention of This Website

This website was created with the intention of sharing knowledge, information and valuable resources in the simplest way possible.  

The information I share is not intended to diagnosis and/or cure medical conditions, nor is it meant to replace modern medicine or the advice of a physician. However, I do believe that there is great benefit in complimenting modern medicine with traditional medicine. And this can include something as simple as using a few drops of essential oil(s) in a diffuser at the end of a stressful day.